Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chickens in Character - Book Discovery With a Good Story Behind It

Hey, Fellow Pet Chicken Enthusiasts! Hope the new year is coming along great for you! Or, too soon to guess? . . .  yeah, me, too, but "Think Positive's" the best response, right? I've got eggs, potatoes, my animals are doing good, my family is relatively healthy - always plenty to be thankful for.

I found another book . . . who could've guessed that would happen? Hope you love to read, too!

It's by David Boyett (he's a pet chicken enthusiast, too!). He wrote it to honor his late father; I thought that was a great gesture. He said it took about two years to complete, a significant investment in time.

 It's themed around the stories his dad told about the old timer's in the area (love old timers stories!). Now, keep in mind, I haven't finished the book, in fact I've only read the available sample. I'm really looking forward to actually reading it all, still not finished with the books I got for Christmas, though. Will get it and read it, but wanted to let you know about it right away so you could check it out, too - I loved the part I read about the baby chick named "Chick" (he sleeps in a shoe), his family and a bullying incident. I'm sure I'll be sharing more about it later! It's for adults, but kids would probably enjoy it, too. I'm sure it's going to be very funny, too.

You can get it on Amazon, at:

Tried to copy the cover, but failed - great graphics, Mr, Boyett created them himself!

Just goes to show - tons of Pet Chicken Enthusiasts, and each is really smart and talented. Little do they know (they know who they are) when they call us, er, me, anyway - "bird brain"! One of the books I got for Christmas has a lot of research on the brains of birds, and they are very impressive - just say'n.(-:

Anyway, I haven't even tried very hard and have still unearthed several entrepreneurial spirits who've created products around this great hobby. Congratulations to each and every one!

Oh, by the way, Mr. boyett has a video, too-on the chicken dance-very lively and fun to watch his chickens-I shared it from You Tube to Google Plus, or at least went through the motions. The channel is in the author's name, pretty sure. He's on Facebook, as well, I'm going to look him up and 'friend' him - and check out his Page - It's DVB Nonprofit Chicken Ranch - might see you there, look'n forward to it.

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