Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Breaking News!!! The Return, To My Pet Chicken Enthusiast Friends

Dear Friends in Pet Chicken Addiction Land;

Just wanted to say "Hi" after a long absence. A life changing accident occurred a couple of years ago that 'threw me for a loop", but I'm back now, healthy, and happy to be here! That traumatic incident is securely locked up in the Do Not Disturb vault for eternity.

Life goes on, and it's true - time heals all wounds. I hope your life has been going smoothly!

There is some more news I should pass on. For the past year, I've been working on a couple of projects I'd love to share with you in just a couple of days. You might say they're 'in the oven', not quite done yet. Therefore no links to share yet. Yep, they relate to our precious feathered friends!

Haven't lost my passion for chicken keeping!

Just checked my email, recently resurrected,  and someone asked about the Comparison Chart for Chicken VS. Human Ages.

Will publish this post and address that question in another - coming right up!

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