Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From Pet Chicken Acres - Merry Christmas!

One of my Pet Chickens decorating a tree, Merry Christmas from them all, and Moi, too!
That time of year - again! It's great, love it. Every year it seems to get here sooner, though, have you noticed?

Wanted to share this picture with you in case you didn't know about this website I found awhile back. It's called lunapic.com. If you find some time to play, you'll enjoy all the cool effects that can be applied to your photos - pretty easy, too.

A friend just loaned me a book I think you might enjoy, too, plan to read it during a few days off after Christmas. The title is About Dreams and Memories On the Old Farm, by Irv E. Francis. It's all about the author and his family's life on a farm in West Virginia. I think I'm going to learn a ton from it. Nothing like learning from people who've been around for many, many years.

I highly recommend seeking out the great Grandma's and Grandpa's at your Christmas gathering. Listen to their stories; such a different world from today's! But then, guess you might need to share my love of history to enjoy those stories. Either way, have a great holiday!

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