Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Chicken's Age, Compared to Humans

Three days ago, I lost one of my favorite roosters, Radio Flyer. One day he was doing fine, the next day he didn't eat and seemed under the weather, so I put him in a separate pen with a comfy bed and food and water. A couple of hours later I went to check on him, and he was dead. He was a beautiful rooster and such a character! I'll miss his pecking on my door -- no matter how grumpy I was feeling in the morning, it always made me smile.

He lived the human equivalent of 50 years, according to a chart I copied some time ago, from a source I simply can't remember.

It starts with a 5 month old chicken being equal to a 12 year old human. A 12 month old chicken is equal to a 19 year old human, a two year old chicken is equal to a 27 year old human, and from then on the chicken's age is multiplied by 10 in comparison to a human's age.

The chart ends with a 7 year old chicken being equal to a 70 year old human. So, I wish Radio Flyer had lived at least a few more years, but he did have a pretty good life. Memories of his personality, his antics, and his beauty will live on.

All of my other chickens are still very healthy, so Radio Flyer must have had a heart problem or something unique to him . . . at least I'm glad he didn't suffer for long.

Always sad to lose one of the flock, but it's just one of those things that happens once in awhile.

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