Saturday, December 3, 2016

In Gratitude to Chickens - For Centuries of Service to Humans

The purpose of this book is to debunk the common stereotypes about chickens that the "uninitiated" just seem to accept as truth!

After seven months researching and writing, I'm comfortable predicting that most people who read it will come away with the realization that we each owe a debt of gratitude to chickens.

Their contributions to our improved health and longevity alone certainly warrant that, don't you think? And this began way back in the days of Aristotle.

A preview reader said this book was "Fun and Addictive". He's not a fan of chickens, but is still planning to give the book as a gift and a Christmas party hostess gift! Fancy that!

I chose the highest quality white paper with images in full color for the print version; I figured chickens deserve no less, though not every image in the book is of chickens. Naturally, this meant an increase in production costs. 

Will be adding the file to Kindle in a couple of days, with a very special launch price.

Here's the link to 'In Gratitude to Chickens' if you want to check  out the sample pages available:

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