Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals for Pet Chicken Enthusiasts, Too

 Chicken Coop Wheels (TM) - Portable kit turns any chicken coop into a chicken tractor! See Below for details!

Cyber Monday Deals, closely following Black Friday (and even early bird Thanksgiving shopping opportunities) are made to order for those of us who love our pet chickens and are looking for related items.

The Wall Street Journal published an article, entitled 'Fowl Fans See Golden Eggs in Catering to Pet-Chicken Market', written by Sarah E. Needleman, in their online edition on July 8, 2010. You can read it here. It featured entrepreneurial ventures from chicken diapers to baby chicks. Since then, there have no doubt been many more adventuresome entrepreneurs catering to pet chicken enthusiasts.

This is a market, that, according to a recent study conducted by Eastern Washington University Communications Department student, Desalyn Graybeal, reveals that our pet chicken hobby does, indeed, make up a diverse 'sub-culture' of today's society. See the post immediately below this for details. The study has been completed . . . thank you to those of you who participated after having read about it here.

So, who are some of the other enterprising people who've started fulfilling needs for this "Pet-Chicken Market" since that article was published? Well . . .

One Entrepreneur has solved the Problem of How to Mobilize a Chicken Coop . . . and Turn it Into a Chicken Tractor

His name is Harry, and he says his product is the result of a need his wife identified. "My wife decided to start raising chickens for the fun of it and so that we could at least partially control our food supply", he related.

He said that "As a romantic, she wanted to free-range the chickens, but was determined to keep them protected from predators all the while."

She had researched the issue before beginning to build a coop she fully intended would provide the best possible protection from dogs, coyotes, and other common predators of chickens. Then, he said, "she asked me for suggestions on how to stiffen it up; after awhile, I figured out how she could add wheels so it could be moved around."

It turned out to be just what she was hoping for! In an interview last week, Harry stated that "My wife showed me videos of coops that had wheels, but there were none available in the form of a kit that could be attached to an existing chicken coop so that it could be mobilized." Harry said he got ideas from existing chicken tractors that others had used successfully, and that "I think I managed to come up with a pretty good kit."

Quite possibly a modest understatement! Harry has been successfully manufacturing and marketing his Chicken Coop Wheels since early this year. You can learn all about them at Harry provides convenient delivery to happy customers throughout the United States.


This looks like a really solid kit, so check it out if you already have a chicken coop, but would like to be able to easily move it around your property.

Are you a member of the Pet Chicken Entrepreneurs Club? Okay, there's not really a 'club' yet - that I know of. Wouldn't it be interesting to learn about all the products created just for the participants of our growing 'sub-culture', though? If you're one of those like Harry who've set out to solve a problem around this hobby, you're special. Drop me an email at , I'd love to include your product here.

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