Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Without Baby Chicks It Just Wouldn't Be Spring

I tried to resist the baby chicks urge this Spring.

But, somehow, I found myself inside a little feed store I'd never visited before . . . can't remember a thing about how it all happened, but suddenly, I had a brooder with baby chicks in it! It's like MAGIC.

Okay, you're smart and know when you're being snookered - that was an outright lie. Or, maybe, I should just say I "mis-spoke", sounds better? Except for the part about resisting the urge until yesterday! I was conscious through the whole experience, enjoyed every second of it, too!

Got lot's of variety, will post photos soon. In the meantime, just put together some photos from the poultry show in Monroe, WA last month. Second one is from a little museum they have there - It's of a tractor just like the one my Dad used to work with when he was 10 or 12 years old. Highly recommend you stop by this place if you're in the area.

Monroe, Washington is North of Seattle - take the Highway 2 exit to the East. Lot's of old farm items in this museum, and a caretaker even showed me how rope was made back then - cool place for fans of history.

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