Friday, April 26, 2013

Loss of a Pet Chicken, Memorial Stones, Bereavement Help

A pet chicken inspires the same attachment we feel for a pet dog or cat - now a business in New York, by the name of Adirondack Stoneworks - has added memorial stones for chickens and other pet birds to their selection. 

Below, are the graphics they currently have for pet birds:

In addition to the graphic, you pick your preferred lettering, and  content - then order online, they send the stone to you.
Just a few of the stones from their website, above. Seems like a really nice family business - they deliver all over the U.S. and prices appear reasonable. This isn't the sort of thing you hope people will need, but since we typically have quite a number of pets in a lifetime, losses are sad, but realistic.
It's nice to have something visible to reflect on memories and remind us of the good times our special feathered or furry friends brought into our lives, right?
Note:  I don't have any affiliate relationship with this business, just received an introductory message from them, thought it was a cool service, and wanted to share with my fellow pet chicken enthusiasts. 

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