Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Chicks Bring Harmony to Home - Overlooked Benefit to Raising Chickens

Because of her decision to get started with baby chicks, a mother of three recently reported that her kids no longer 'start world war III' between themselves every day. First, the baby chicks - then a close call that scared the kids into obedience.

I've always believed that the fun and responsibility of raising baby chicks was beneficial for kids, but not actually having a family kept me from thinking about the sibling unrest that's pretty much inevitable. She said each of her kids has a specific job; feeding, watering, and dispensing treats. Sounds like an idyllic household, though this is likely not that rare among families that share this great hobby. I confess to being  unaware . . . Kudos to all who bravely soldier forth in times of war, feast, famine and assorted emergencies. Nothing like a brooder full of cute little fluff balls to make everything 'all better.'

Somehow or other (possible gremlins in my computer)  that email  vanished into thin air, so - to the lady who wrote it - my sincere apologies, I really did intend to write a thank you note - feel free to try again. 
Here are some photos from a chicken show a couple of weekends ago.

Brown Leghorn Chicks

Black Australorp Rooster

Egyptian Fayoumis

Blue & Barred Belgian Anterp Bantams

White Holland  Turkey

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