Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Chicks, - A Record Year for Sales

50 Million baby chicks, according to an article in my local paper, were sold this spring! Wow! That's a lot, and so good to hear. They said their stats had come from an official source in Atlanta, GA.

Clearly, people are enjoying getting into this terrific hobby. All the feed stores in my area extended the amount of time they offered baby chicks for sale, all the way past May . . . unheard of since I started all those years ago.

Is this your first year? Would love to hear what it was that caused you to decide raising chickens was for you. If it is your first year, I hope you have a positive experience, and enjoy it so much that you continue on for years.

If you have questions, don't hesitate - and you may be interested in reading all the info over at my website, If you're interested in showing your chickens at the fair, there's a lot on that, including a book you can snag just for entering your name and email.

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