Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing baby chicks, Fairs Coming up

Looks like summer's finally here, good time to get work done outside. My next-to-youngest babies, just put outside are most likely competing in one or both of the fairs coming up in August. Looking forward to that - are you showing this year?

A few days belated "Happy Mother's Day" to you Mom's! Hope it was super special!

Thank you very much to those who took pity and helped me out with my comments quandry! (I'm finding that there sure are terrific people on here - appreciate all of you! Come to think of it, I've never met a chicken enthusiast who wasn't just top-notch). Looks like I need to play around with settings a little more, and I will, but time to get ready for the night shift right now-yippee!)

Some of my babies, not a great photo, but practice should help.

Look (below) who came to visit during Mother's Day dinner! My Mom took a kazillion pictures with her iphone from the window. I think she had a good day, spoiled her a little - she deserved it.

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