Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Chicks, Technology, And 'Dumb Questions'

One chicken breed that's a 'first' for me, Polly's a little blue Polish.
Okay, first of all, I was blessed and deliriously happy to get my very first digital camera (guess I can shoot a short video, too) in March and all I had to do for it was live one more year. Now, I am looking forward to actually figuring out exactly how to use it and all the fancy little do-hikie features it has. Some of the pictures I took of my new babies transferred over to my computer, some didn't. GRR"" I've got a picture of a blue polish I'm going to make magically appear somewhere on here, though  - but first . . .

a really dumb question. I'm sincerely hoping that one of you who also has a blog on will take pity on me and clue me in. I'd like to comment back to people who take the time and put forth the effort to comment on my blog. But, how in the heck do I pull that off? Inside the dashboard there's no apparent option to reply to a comment, only to publish it or not. When I sign out, then comment, it appears that my comment only comes back to me as a comment 'awaiting moderation'.  Clearly I'm only moments away from sitting in a corner with a dunce hat on, but you gotta give me credit for speaking out and revealing the true state of my intellect. Please?    No?        Ouch!  I know this is doable. In fact, I'm absolutely sure it's so braindead SIMPLE, no one has ever asked it on the FAQ's!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have made comments - I sure do appreciate you.
Here are a few more of my chickens, this camera sure is fun! There's gotta be a way to delete the time label of when the photo was taken though, without cropping. These guys got out, the're so busy snitching goodies, they forgot to model and say "cluck".


  1. Well must be my week for helping people on blogger. I'm certainly no expert but this is what I do. First I publish the comments. Then I go look at them on the blog. At the bottom is a comment box that will already say my name and I just type in my comment and hit publish. Somehow blogger knows it is me and skips the moderation sequence that I have set up for comments and publishes my reply. As far as the camera goes there should be a setting in the menu to turn it off.

  2. This might be what you are wanting to do. I removed it after I had enabled it because it was causing problems on my blog but maybe blogger has it figured out by now.

  3. Thank you so much, Sista and Elaine!