Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Chickens in Halloween Costumes

Hi Fellow Chicken Enthusiasts,

According to the Stat's, this post gets quite a few views, even though it's really old. Thought I'd give you a little update, since you may be interested in chickens in costumes.
Since this video was done, there are a few more costumes. They're over on a website named The Runway Chicks. (the 22 more mentioned haven't yet come to fruition [turns out, they're sewn by hand, that takes awhile], and neither is last year's calendar, but there's always this year, right?). 

To great ideas and worthy plans and never giving up,


Two of my pet chickens are appearing in a Halloween video . . . see it by clicking the link below:

It's pretty cute, they're dressed in Halloween costumes.

My friend Carrie made the little outfits. now she's working on 22 more. She'll be making a 2011calendar with a pair of chickens all dressed up in appropriate outfits for each month.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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