Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pet Chickens, Voting For Liberty

Really, how can I speak for my pet chickens and what they might vote for? I can't. But, it's not hard to figure out their favorite treat-of-the-day. They obviously love the extra lettuce I had, thanks to expected company not being able to make it for Sunday dinner.

If they did vote, the chickens might be appalled by all the people who disrespect the privilege by simply not participating. So many of them who just have no enthusiasm for taking part. Unlike people in some countries who've become liberated after years of struggle, then couldn't wait to get to the polls . . . even when doing so might put them in danger.

But enough about one of the most valuable privileges known to humankind. This blog is all about participating in another freedom . . . engaging in the hobby of raising chickens. In some cities that right doesn't exist, but when people have realized they were empowered to change that sad fact they've banded together and in many cases have managed to change the law in their favor.  That act was followed by an influx of new citizens . . . the feathered kind we all enjoy so much. The magic of a representative democracy . . . hope we don't lose ours through inaction.

You exercised your individual right to vote, though, didn't you?

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