Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How 'Bout That . . . Now an Ezine Articles Platinum Level Author

Yep, just accorded Platinum status! I expected just the next level, but hey, I can tolerate leapfrogging right over it. Finally, 'skipped a grade'! Could burning all that midnight oil have paid off? Apparently so.

You can read all the articles by clicking here. Please take a minute to provide feedback while you're there. Thanks!

And before you think I'm being arrogant, let me hasten to say I realize this tiny bit of status can be removed just by submitting one more article . . . that's judged to be inferior. Pretty scary, huh?

Well, that's life. Hard work breeds success, but success is fleeting.

Now that I've come down out of the clouds, time to get busy feeding my chickens. Maybe go take a nap after that, while pondering that next fateful article.

Willing to take advice from those who have truly achieved lasting success.

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