Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Farm Movement, Canning and Preserving Fruits of Labor

Canning and preserving home grown food was old hat to people just a few decades ago . . . something as normal as checking our email is today. I missed out on the nuts and bolts of food preservation when I was young, though. So, when I decided to temporarily make peace with the otherwise annoying blackberries growing along one side of my property by picking the berries and making some jelly -- I had something new to learn.

Other than the memories of the delicious jelly my grandma used to make, I knew nothing about where to start or what to do. Fortunately, there's this stuff called pectin that's available in plenty of stores these days. And, it comes complete with detailed instructions! Thank heavens, no need to hire a coach.

I ended up making fourteen small jars of jelly, boy is it ever good! Will have to overcome my selfish desire to keep all this good stuff for myself, because it's going to be great as Christmas presents. People seem to appreciate getting things you've made, so I know they'll enjoy getting and eating blackberry jelly. Can't believe I never thought to do this years ago . . .

Got any good blackberry recipes?

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