Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Farm Movement, Food Always Within Reach

The growing Home Farm Movement is really revving up in the Northwest. People love the idea of having food within easy reach. There are farm tours, chicken coop tours and canning classes readily available. Who would have thought it would be possible just a couple of decades ago?

Seems like there were a couple of generations of young people who wanted nothing to do with the culture they'd been raised with . . . they deperately wanted out. So they moved to the city, intent upon shedding all signs of their shameful prior existence on the family farm and proving their sophistication and  awareness of all things "cool" in the city.

We've now come full circle with many of these same people involved with the green, organic, planet saving, frugality based ideas they couldn't bring themselves to embrace when they were young.

Doesn't matter what their motivation is, I'm just glad to be living during this resurgence of interest in raising chickens and growing veggie gardens.

Would be interested in what got you started with the chicken raising hobby, et al. Just leave a comment below, ok?

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