Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mille Fleur Pair Looking Good

In my last order of baby chicks is a pair of the Mille Fleur breed. I named them Pierre and Monique. They're a little more than four weeks old now and are looking good as per the Standard. Their wings and tail feathers, as well as the feathers on their feet look great -- they'll do well in competition by the looks of it.

Will keep up on the taming process and maybe show them at the Feather Fanciers show this next summer. Last year I went and observed, but didn't compete.

These last couple of weeks, two people asked me about taming chickens. It was at work, and we didn't have time to really get into it, so I referred them to an article. It's here  if you'd like to read it.

My neighbors tell me I have a knack for taming chickens, but it's not hard to do. Just spend time with them, pick them up to check them like the judges do, and feed them well. It's kind of like any other pet, just show them you like them, and they'll reciprocate. No magic involved.

After I'd only been living up here for a few months, one of my hens went missing. I went looking for her, calling her name, "Hennie", over and over, but she didn't show up. Couple of weeks later I was outside when I heard something in the brush. Just in case, I called her again then saw her running toward me. She hopped up on my knee as I knelt down. That's how tame they can get when you've had them a few years.

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