Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Farming Yield . . . Fried Green Tomatoes

Not all the tomatoes I planted ripened and since Fall is in the air, think I'll pick the green ones that are left. They're great sliced, dipped in egg and a seasoned flour mixture, then fried.

Unfortunately, the slugs got into some of the plants. Guess it's time to get a couple of ducks, they love eating slugs. Or at least sprinkle salt around the raised garden container, didn't think to do that earlier.

Can't complain, this is the first time I've done any vegetable gardening, feel lucky to have done so well. Home grown tomatoes stand out against the grocery store variety like eggs do. This next Spring, will have to concentrate on a full fledged gardening effort.

Any green thumbed gardeners out there?

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