Monday, September 13, 2010

Raising Chickens . . . For Idiots

Awhile back, I ordered some more books about raising chickens and had some time this weekend to read them. One of them is  The Complete Idiot's Guide Raising Chickens by Jerome D. Belanger, longtime publisher of Countryside Magazine and Backyard Poultry Magazine.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure whether it would be an over-simplified version that would talk down to the reader (aka, the complete idiot) or not.

Turns out, that wasn't an issue at all. This book was well worth the price, is well organized to lead a beginner all the way from making the decision to start raising chickens through butchering, cooking eggs, and plenty of resources-online and off.

Plus, this book is available on the Amazon Kindle . . . a really handy way to get information. I don't have a Kindle yet, but plan to get one soon -- should be a really convenient way to take in information, plenty of books to read, just one thing to carry. Once you get a Kindle, buying the books for it costs a lot less than buying the regular versions. I've been pretty slow to embrace technology, but could probably get hooked pretty quickly. Most people are way ahead of me

A few days ago I added the various Kindle's to my website, along with the chicken related books that are available with it. If you want, you can go here to check them all out in one place, there are an impressive number available.

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