Friday, March 15, 2013

Unsustainable? Fake Eggs, Forget Chickens in Your Backyard

No, not fake eggs like those plastic ones you fill with candy and put in your kids Easter baskets! Did you see what this company in San Francisco is working on - for us all to eat?

A surfing trip (online) brought me to this CBS Local site in San Francisco where there's an article about a company on a valiant mission to save us from ourselves. The owner is quoted saying that raising chickens and eating the eggs is ". . . just unsustainable." Wait a minute, isn't  growing chickens in your backyard and eating the eggs they lay called "sustainable living"?

Apparently there are a few concerns relating to:

  1. The tight living conditions of factory chickens.
  2. The killer cholesterol contained in eggs.
  3. Chickens becoming diseased and spreading the diseases to us.

Apparently, the concoction developed from high protein veggies is already being added to some mayonnaise, and cookies are being made using these new eggs . . .it's always a good idea to read labels. If you're allergic to eggs, it's a good option for you, but if you want the real thing and don't have any cholesteral issues, not that attractive a choice.

It struck me as amazing to find this article right on the heels of many cities finally winning their battles for the right to raise a few hens as pets and egg providers - and while residents of many more cities are still fighting for that right. Now the whole healthy, sustainable living, organic urban farm movement is being debunked - as unhealthy and unsustainable.

What do you think? Are you going to get rid of your chickens, buy 'factory made goop' to substitute for eggs . . . or be a rebel and order a brand new spring assortment of baby chicks?

How long did it take you to decide? Ah, you're a great Pet Chicken Enthusiast! :-)

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