Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pet Chickens, Eggs . . . On the Way For Kids

Probably while I was complaining about the wet summer we were having here in the N.W. a couple of months ago, there was a far different  situation - in Kenya. I heard about this practical solution a couple of days ago . . . a non-profit named Kitechild is raising funds to build a chicken coop and bring some chickens to several orphanages there.
It's a good reminder not to grumble about a little (er, LOT) too much water. In fact, I feel downright ashamed!
I thought it was cool , though - these kids will likely grow up to be full-fledged Pet Chicken Enthusiasts! And, more importantly, they'll be getting some super good nourishment! Will be getting some photo updates showing the progress, and the kids 'bonding' with the chickens, too, no doubt. I'll share them, too.
Below, I added a link to a video from Kitechild about this project - these photos are from one of their newsletters. If you're interested in learning more, just send me an email ( I had problems copying all the relevant info . . . that, along with a time crunch is making me keep this short.

There's a video about the project on YouTube - the link is below:
Click Here to Watch Video


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