Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chickens, Goats, Cows, and More -A Day At The Fair

Lynden, Washington . . . it's a beautiful town, and their Fair is one of the best in the Pacific N.W. - in my humble opinion. Look at that gorgeous blue sky! Had a great time - and the best hamburger, mmmm!
Unfortunately, I missed out on the fair that's closer to me, in Skagit County, as far as competing with my chickens, anyway. I looked on their website and couldn't find their paperwork for open class. When I went, I asked around, and, yes, they did have open class, but had changed their website. BUMMER! Hope you enjoy the picture assortment!

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  1. The Lynden Fair is one of the best because it is a real fair as opposed to a gathering of nothing but vendors trying to sell you something.(Like the Puyallup) I live on Whidbey. Our fair is nice but way too small.