Sunday, August 14, 2011

Showing Chickens at the Fair - Good Job, all!

Show chickens are relaxing and enjoying their homecoming after a few days at the fair this last week. How'd they do? Well, sure can't complain - 10 out of 10 isn't bad - for blue ribbons. Budget cuts reduced the ribbons to blue, white, and red this year, but there is a Premium check on the way -- it'll be enough to buy a bag of feed, so no complaints there, either.

Will take photos of each bird this next weekend (they deserve some R&R for a few days) with their ribbons, and post them ASAP.

There were fewer Open Class entries than last year (probably due to the economy), but a new young crop of competitors, which was great to see. If you're raising chickens, but haven't started showing them yet, be sure to download my free book over at my website to help you get started. I know you're gonna love it (the showing, more than the book, though it'll really give you an advantage)!

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