Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet Chickens - the Trip to the Fair

Well, finally . . . everyone is bathed, nails clipped, spiffied up and beautiful, or handsome, if appropriate. Ten little chickens camping out at the local fair for a few days. Whew! Thought I'd never get them all ready. Had to stop for gas on the way, and the chickens made quite a stir with a few bystanders.

Once there, the first step was, of course, Vet check. A licensed Veterinarian is always on hand, he handled each bird, checked the vent and under the wings, and did a quick examination throughout. It's an important step, as no one wants their chickens to catch any diseases from someone else's bird. Of course, this is done with every single animal brought in.

Lot of entries, it looked like, had to park way out in the last row. Will report results. In the meantime love to hear your showing experiences, or answer your questions if you're new to showing. It really is fun, once you get to stop and take a breath after getting ready.

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