Monday, April 11, 2011

Fitting and Showing Plans for Chickens

This weekend seemed an ideal time to take a good look at my chickens to decide who to show late this summer at the local fairs. Everybody survived the  snow and freezing temperatures pretty well, but we're still getting plenty of rain -- and it's been pretty chilly.

So far, I'm pretty sure I'll show my White Leghorn pair, but just making a long list otherwise that I can trim in a couple of months. Some of the baby chicks I picked up in February are good possibilities, but they need to develop a little more to make a positive choice. Probably will limit myself to 8 or so chickens to take to the fairs.

How 'bout you . . . would love to hear about your fitting and showing experiences, too. It's still really popular if the show I visited a few weeks ago is any indication. 

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