Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Wonder of Chickens

Chickens allow almost anyone to enjoy farm life, at least to some degree. People are always amazed at how much fun I seem to be having whenever I get the opportunity to bend their ears talking about raising chickens and keeping them as pets. I know I have lots of company in the form of other people who love chickens just as much as I do, but unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to interact with them all that often.

One of the greatest things about raising chickens is that they're so small compared to other farm livestock that you can have a half dozen or so and get to see them as a social group. This is when you can really get a sense of how smart they are by watching the way they interact with each other. This is why I say I'm 'celebrating the beauty, charm, and intelligence' of chickens. Some people think chickens are dirty, boring, and dumb . . . but they are frequently surprised to discover their minds have changed after spending some time around them.

It's always rewarding to 'evangelize' the occasional friend, neighbor, or family member to the wonder of chickens. Kind of my life's work, in a way. How about you?

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