Friday, September 3, 2010

Pet Chickens and the Labor Day Weekend

Do you think they consider what they do to be 'work'? All that scratching around for bugs and worms, the stress of maintaining their position in the social pecking order, keeping watch and sounding the alarm when predators are near, watching over the young ones.

This probably sounds like someone has a little too much time on their hands, but seriously, has it ever struck you how similar the lives of chickens are to those of us humans?

We go to our respective jobs to scratch up the 'ole mortgage payment, utilities and food, interact in a sometimes stressful group at work and in our family relationships, attempt to stay safe by getting vaccinations, purchasing insurance, getting medical checkups, and reporting suspicious goings on to the authorities. And, rather than leaving our offspring to fend for themselves after just six weeks, we spend at least 20 years molding their characters, supporting their goals, and paying for their education.

Wow, makes me tired just thinking about all that!

Time to rest up and recuperate, it's Labor Day weekend. Hope you do the same!

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