Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chickens are Doing Well Today, People in the Right Place, Wrong time

Back home after working a few overtime hours. Felt kind of anxious about what I might find, but my chickens and other 'family members' are fine. There's something about witnessing an accident that jars you and makes you realize there are no guarantees.

There I was, driving down the highway, country music station taking me to memories past. Then I saw the car at the side of the road, no blinker on, but the driver was looking back, as if preparing to turn back onto the road. Problem was, I could see the motorcycle in her blind spot . . . she was going to hit it!. I screamed, "don't do it!", but of course she did.

As I was the only one present at the time, I parked, ran first to the motorcycle driver, who clearly was in shock and looked like his leg might be broken. Not knowing the extent of his injuries, I told him not to move, pulled my phone out and called 911. The elderly lady driving the car had gotten out and was crying uncontrollably, so I comforted her briefly. Fortunately, I had some flares and set them out, then directed traffic until another car, then the State Patrol, arrived.

Whew! Work seemed like a breeze after that little episode. Fortunately, it was volunteer overtime, so I wasn't in trouble for being late. Don't think this accident will even make the news, but that's a good thing.

Accidents happen fast, and especially when you lower your vigilance. This being a busy holiday weekend, hope anyone reading this (is there anyone reading this?) will be especially careful on the roads. We all need to make it home to take care of the chickens, and all.

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