Friday, December 2, 2016

"CHICKEN PEOPLE" , The documentary Movie, Gets My Highest Recommendation!

Just watched this last night . . . Really enjoyed it.  I had pre-ordered it. According to the Amazon listing the CD will be available on December 6th. It's under $10.

This documentary film by CMT teaches a lot about chicken exhibition, demonstrates many qualities about chickens that cause us to become addicted to them, and showcases several people, the breeds they love and some of their trials and tribulations with life in general and with their chickens.

It's filmed primarily at the Ohio State Fair, where one of the largest chicken shows is held every year in the United States.  

If  you're a "chicken person", you'll love this, I'm sure! If not, you'll learn some of the answers to the question that may be on your mind like - "why on earth would anyone want to raise chickens?" 😊

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