Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Frozen Chicken? Alive and Well! Never Give Up

    Yes, sweet precocious little "Timmy" - nicknamed 'the little rascal'. Four nights ago when I went out to put the chickens in the coop, he was nowhere to be found. The next morning my heart broke when I saw him. He was soaked, and so cold - not at all good for a Silkie! I picked him up and brought him inside, blotted him with towels, I set him in a box with dry towels while getting one of my carriers and padding it with straw. He stayed in for four days. First day, showed signs of life, but wouldn't eat. 

The next day he ate a little, and the third day, he ate pretty well, but still slept a lot and didn't look at all spiffy. He's back outside now, though, and is active and back to normal. Thank God! I sure didn't want to lose him, But when I brought him in I really didn't have much hope for him.

It was kind of strange how I got the little guy; an unusual call from a man my dad used to work with asking if I'd like a pair of Silkies. Of course I didn't hesitate. There's always room for one more (or two).  Well, there are those pesky space requirements, but I have a pretty big place.

He and his mate fit right in with the layers - they teamed up every evening to guide any stragglers into the coop. He and "Lula" are back together now doing their thing.

Thought you might like to hear about what I certainly regard as a little miracle, seeing as it is almost Christmas.

May you have many miracles, too, both big and small!

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