Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Chicks Just in Time For Spring - But Where Is It?

Well, all the feed stores are promoting baby chicks, classes are scheduled on raising chickens, and . . . we've got snow! Again. It started last night and I've gotten about 4 inches, so far. This morning the temperature's hovering right around 32 degrees. It's a beautiful day, though, blue sky - and every tree is glistening. Winter's last gasp, hopefully. Had a couple close calls on the way home, but managed to get back on track.

My animals seem to enjoy this break from the rain that's been so constant lately. Last night my Buff Orpington rooster and Aracauna hen didn't want to cooperate when it was time to go to roost - they preferred a few more minutes of scratching around in the white stuff. Finally coralled them, held and petted them for a bit before setting them onto the roost. Then my two geese, Nana and Pop wandered off as I went to re-fill their water.  They remind me of grandparents . . .  alert and aware;  always checking to make sure everybody is safe -- and are they ever ready to raise a ruckus if anything unusual occurs! Between them and my dog, we're pretty safe out here in the wilderness.

Of course, 'Miss Piggy', my Ameracauna/Red Jungle Fowl cross hen was following right behind me getting in the way, as usual. She's almost four years old now and has always loved to dig in with a voracious appetite whenever the feed bucket is left unattended for even a minute. She's a little sweetheart.

Snow or not, I noticed the feed stores down in the valley were doing a brisk business when I passed. Hopefully, if any of those customers were picking up baby chicks they got them home quickly enough to avoid  getting chilled. Didn't seem like a very ideal day to get them, but they are in stock. Last time I stopped by they had added even more breeds than last spring. Will wait for the weather to warm up a bit before getting any.

Have you gotten baby chicks yet this Spring?


  1. We are supposed to get our chicks BY Friday. The kids have their jackets on and are waiting by the door! We are in Pennsylvania and are supposed to have close to 70 deg. weather - sorry about your snow!!

  2. No chicks, but I have eggs in the incubator; Spitzhaubens and brabanters.

    Deirdre in Seattle

  3. I have chicks in the brooder room, easter eggers and silkies, and will have eggs in the bator tomorrow. sikies, and barnyard mixes for the first go around for the season

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