Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Range Chicken Gardens - Review

Check it out here

Are your chickens free ranged? If so, the book I blogged about last post could help you a lot.

Of course, that was a couple of weeks ago . . . I know, I must be an awfully slow reader, hmm? Truth is, some overtime came up at work this month, too.

Anyway, I've read the whole book now. Even if you already have lots of experience with gardening, I'm betting you'll learn some new info. The author has a degree in Horticulture, which adds credibility and perspective. It's not just about raising food, but explains how we can integrate our pet chicken hobby with our landscaping plans to end up with a beautiful garden. Beautiful photos and stories about several families' who've succeeded in combining their gardens with happy, healthy pet chickens. Includes 'how-to' info on getting started with chickens, too, in case you're still in the planning stages.
Well worth the price - highly recommended!
Free - Range Chicken Garden by Jessi Bloom