Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Chick Incubators Showcased

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Last post ( a few days ago) I mentioned what a special experience it is to witness the miracle of new life as baby chicks hatch - right in your own home, and for the benefit of your whole family.

I said I'd provide photos and descriptions of some equipment for you to look at. Here's what I found:

This small incubator would probabbly
be ideal for home use.

This is an egg turner attachment for some of the larger incubators

A good view of the eggs.


This is one of the table top incubators

And here's another about the same size

This one's a bit larger

  There are several different varieties of incubators, as you can see. I've added these to an amazon store on my website,( ) if you'd like to read the reviews, compare prices, etc. of those that are available. In your local area, you can probably find incubators in stock at your local feed store, possibly even Walmart. Shop around to decide what's best for your intended use.
 Getting an incubator with the automatic turner will make the experience more stress free, but if you can coordinate everyones activities and times at in order to never miss a turn, that'll work, too.

Note: If you purchase items by clicking on Amazon from this site, I will receive a small commission when you make a purchase. Of course, I greatly appreciate all of you who make a point of doing that!

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  1. I have seven eggs in my Brinsea mini advance. I candled last night. I'm seven for seven.