Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Predators Coming Around - Probably Raccoons

One of my pet chickens was attacked a few days ago, pretty sure its a sign that there are raccoons in the area again. I've set out (humane) traps, so far, nothing. She's perking up now, and looks like she's gonna make it. Poor little thing.

Whatever it was reached through the fence and grabbed her, glad I was home . . . heard the commotion and got outside right away. It took off. Last time I caught a raccoon, I transported it waaaay up in the mountains on a logging road - that'll be tough right now, because of snow.

If anyone who's ordered my well dressed chicken models from The Runway Chicks (note cards - or tee shirts, etc.) is reading this, just want to say "Thank You". It's a partnership between me and my 'fashionista" business partner (she says designing the little outfits and hand sewing them is "so relaxing and fun") she's planning a "Runway Chicks of the Month" program, at least until she runs out of ideas. It was hard to guess whether they'd 'catch on', but the signs are good so far.
Anyway, the little bit of profit helps to pay the website expenses and all, so I appreciate it very much!

If you haven't had a chance to see them yet, just go on over to http://therunwaychicks.com. They really are cute!

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