Friday, November 18, 2011

Pet Chickens Update

Baby chicks from last post are growing like weeds and staying healthy. One of the babies is starting to spar with Daddy Rooster - that relationship may end. The other four are pullets, so are very docile.

The other night, I went out to get in my truck only to find there was a bobcat under it - he sauntered off seemingly unafraid, without any confrontation. Up here in the Cascade mountains we had our first little snowstorm of the season;warmed up later in the day melting it all. Just equipped the truck with new snow tires, so am as ready as possible.

Here's another fairly new family. Mama Hen is an Ameraucana. You can also see my Japanese Bantam Rooster on the left and Ameraucana Bantam Rooster to his right.  So far, everyone is doing well, hopefully, the same is true for you and your chickens (and other animals-everyone who has chickens usually has a whole managerie, as well).
Feel free to continue contacting me (for all of those who are already keeping in touch). Or email me with any specific questions at - I enjoy hearing from all of you.

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