Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pet chickens, "no", but frugality and sustainability? "Indeed!"

My family found this poem that my Grandma had packed away . . . boy, are we ever lucky these days. At least we can be comfortable. Amusing, though -- Enjoy!

The Flour Sack
 . . . Author unknown

When I was a maiden fair
Mama made our underwear.
With many kids and dad's poor pay,
We had no fancy lingerie

Monograms and fancy stitches
Did not adorn our Sunday britches.
Panty waist that stood the test
Had "Gold Medal" on my breast.

No lace or ruffles to enhance
Just "Occident" across my pants.
One pair of panties beat them all,
For it had a scene I still recall

Harvesters were gleaning wheat
Right across my seat!
Rougher than a grizzly bear
Was my floursack underwear.
Plain, not fancy, two feet wide
And tougher than a hippo's hide.

All through depression, each Jill and Jack,
Wore the sturdy garb of sack.
Waste not, want not learned,
That a penny saved is a penny earned.

There were curtains and tea towels, too,
And that is just to name a few.
But the best, beyond compare,
Was my flour sack underwear.

The End

Guess we live in pretty good times, hmm? . . .

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