Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Valentines Day was yesterday, so this is a bit belated. Even so, hope it was special for all. Like most everyone, it was a work day for me.

Here we are in mid-February already with Spring quickly approaching. More and more people are becoming enthusiastic about keeping chickens as pets, showing them and making them the center of their family life. What an exciting cultural trend to witness! Love it!

I think every kid should have the privilege and educational opportunity to hatch some eggs, at least once when they're young. I guess they do it in classrooms sometimes and that's great, too. Caring for a brooder full of baby chicks is a really close second choice, of course. Seems we, as a society, kind of lost that exposure to rural living over the years. Just my opinion, of course. Don't mean to ramble on.

A couple of new books have arrived: Rare Poultry Breeds by David Scrivener. I'll be adding it to my library, it's nearly 300 pages, can't wait to read it. I already have 99% of the books on chickens and other poultry, so I have to be on the look out for new ones that come out. The other book is Keeping Chickens:Self Sufficiency, by Michael Hatcher. Am about to order it, too. Will try and get these out on my http://www.fortheloveofchickens.com/ site soon and will 'review' them for your benefit.

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