Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Visit From a Bobcat

The other night I was busy reading when I heard noises on my deck. Upon opening the door (just a crack) I saw a bobcat looking back at me! Kinda scary (to me). He took his time leaving, so obviously he wasn't afraid. Fortunately, all my animals were secure. Of course I didn't take a picture of him, but did find the one to the left (it was above a Google entry for a heavy equipment company named Bobcat) which looks just like the one on my deck.

He actually looks a lot like my indoor cat, except for the bobbed tail, and his size. They can be a predator of chickens, so better watch out. They can jump as far as 12 feet. Will keep a close eye on my rabbit, too. Guess bobcats usually don't attack humans, but if they do, it's recommended to get tested for rabies. This is the second wild animal I've had on my deck. A couple of years ago, a cougar came to visit (the snow had covered up most of my Nite guard lights). Most of the problems I've had from wildlife predators has come from owls and raccoons, but there's always a first time for something new.

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