Saturday, November 13, 2010

Egg Provider For All -- and Loving It

They don't exactly understand, but I pass on the compliments I get from co-workers to my hard working hens. Compliments like, "those are the best eggs I've ever tasted!" The word has spread and now even more people are asking to try some of my home grown eggs. I know, I should charge for them, everybody tells me that.

The thing is, these people do pay me for the eggs, in their own way. Just yesterday, a lady I work with brought me several jars of vegetables she'd canned herself. Can't wait to dig in! I don't do a lot of fancy cooking or baking, so it's always nice when someone brings breakfast burritos, a couple of dozen cookies, a bale of straw for chicken bedding, or even a bag of leftovers they think my chickens might enjoy.  The two pumpkins one co-worker brought right after Halloween sure were a big hit with my flock.

I love eating the eggs laid by my chickens, but sure can't eat them all. People appreciate getting them and it builds goodwill. One guy has even stopped calling me "birdbrain" and has replaced it with "chicken guy". Hey, you gotta be thankful for even the smallest improvements sometimes.

What are you thankful for this year?

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