Friday, July 30, 2010

Chicken Decor -- Is It Possible to Have Too Much?

There's a good reason why this post is a little off subject. For the last week and a half, I've been unpacking. A little slow, since I've lived in my house nearly four years, just hadn't gotten around to the spare bedroom . . . er, storage room. Anyway, two dozen boxes later, I've learned that I need more walls to display all the chicken pictures and other chicken decor contained in those boxes.

My former neighbors don't come for a visit very often, and they usually visit with me outside while I'm doing my chores, but they came in for coffee last night when I invited them. I sort of looked forward to compliments since I'd just done my version of a thorough cleaning (not quite up to the Navy standards I remember, but good 'nuff ), but they no sooner got in the door before Jenny blurted out "Scott, you have way too much chicken decor for the size of your house", then she pounded the nail in the coffin by adding "how can you stand it, chickens outside and inside, too."

Just for the record, the chickens outside are alive, unlike the images on the walls, statues on every available surface, and designs on a variety of textiles and linens. I answered her with a smile (okay, it may have looked a little strained) and simply said "I love chickens, doesn't bother me a bit, Jenny." While I poured the coffee, just before asking "cream or sugar?" my thoughts briefly turned to that old movie, '9 to 5' and the accidental dose of rat poisoning. Sheesh! So, my house is too small. I'm no interior decorator, and I love chickens . . . compared to some things, these don't seem like crimes.

Sorry to be sounding off, but Jenny has been bugging me for a number of years. She thinks I should hurry up and get married, for one thing, and worries that I've waited too long. She'll be as glad as I'll be when I meet the right woman, and will probably stop complaining about my lack of decorating talent, etc., too.  She surely won't want to insult my wife. Jenny's husband seems pretty used to her impromptu outbursts, so I'm happy for them both, just wish she could tone it down a bit.  

Okay, got that all out of my system. Jenny means well, she's just older than I am and (for some reason) feels responsible for steering me on the right path. Eventually, she'll throw her hands up in despair, but we'll still be good (former) neighbors and friends.

By the way, don't mean to tempt you, but have you seen the chicken decor at my website, ? Because, obviously, you simply can't have too much. Did you notice how cleverly I answered my own question?

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm paid a small commission when you buy from there. A big thank you to everyone who has already done so!

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