Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almost Time to Choose, Which Chickens to Show?

Do you show your chickens at your local county fair?

Someone asked me the other day, "which chickens do best in competition?" Immediately, my thoughts went back to my junior high 4-H experiences. My 4-H leader had an answer to that question that made a lot of sense.

She recommended, all other traits and requirements being equal, that we'd give ourselves an advantage if we showed a breed that was either all white or all black. Her reason? Well, simply put, no barred, spangle, lacing, or any other pattern of design is expected in a breed that is all one color. Therefore, no points can be taken off if a feather or two is missing the perfect pattern.

My friend, Carrie, who asked that question is all excited now. She has a White Leghorn trio she's decided to show. Last night she invited me over to see them. They look great, hope she wins a trophy as this is her first year participating.

Personally, I've decides to show Pebbles and Bam Bam, a Japanese pair. They're mostly white, and their tail feathers look up to Standard.

How about you? Feel free to comment below!

By the way, especially if you're new to fitting and showing chickens, feel free to download the free report on the subject. You can access it from my website, . Then I'd love to hear your feedback, either way.

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