Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Signs of an Early Spring?

A neighbor flagged me down this morning. He wanted to warn me. Seems the bears are coming out of hibernation. He said he'd just seen a 500-600 lb. one nearly across from my little homestead. Usually, they don't come out 'til at least March. Sure don't look forward to getting too close to them. A few years ago I came home from my night shift to see one on the opposite side of a crabapple tree I'd been picking from the day before.

Later today I found my rooster, Radio Flyer, out in the yard . . . again. It was sunny and warmer than it's been. He'd dug a little hole and was taking a dust bath while soaking up some sun. Obviously, it felt like Spring was well on the way for him.

 Don't really know whether it's a sign of Spring or not, but my goose laid an egg (nope, it wasn't golden), the first in a long time. I'm leaving it in the nest so she can collect some and,hopefully, raise some little goslings. My chickens are still laying a little.

An early Spring would sure be nice, but think I'll keep the snow tires on a while longer, just in case.

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