Friday, August 27, 2010

Recalling Your Eggs Due to the Salmonella Epidemic?

"Will I get sick if  I eat them?", asked a co-worker when I handed her a dozen eggs yesterday. After all the news about the recalled eggs lately,I didn't really blame her. Even though they were a gift, I can appreciate her not wanting to be one of those unfortunate people who lost days of their life to being sick and unable to follow up on their work or fun plans because of it.

So, I explained. Statistically, only one in 20,000 eggs may contain the Salmonella Bacteria so the odds were definitely in her favor. Plus, according to the government, "thoroughly cooked = thoroughly safe." The Salmonella bacteria is destroyed by heat. I advised her to follow good hygiene while handling the eggs, avoid using any of the eggs raw, over easy, or undercooked in any fashion.

Something like this always makes us think twice and lean a bit toward paranoia, but this too will pass. It's probably a good reminder if not taken too far. After all, Salmonella can also be contracted through consumption of beef, poultry, milk, vegetables, and fruit. One thing I hadn't realized is that people can get arthritis symptoms from having it, plus other lasting side effects. More than a small inconvenience, but preventable by following recommended practices.

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